The highest level of martial arts is a practitioner of "the way". “The way” is a way of life that a martial artist trains to follow and a level of skill that is developed along this journey.  This high level skill development allows a practitioner to connect with nature and the energy of life that is in all living things.


Certain levels of skill development are achieved with proper dedication. However, the highest level skill cannot be achieved by dedication alone. This is nature's safety switch. Nature requires a person to have true personality with good character. The highest level of martial arts are not reached through bad intentions.  In many cases a person will cheat and pretend to have true personality and good character. Regardless, we cannot fool nature. For this reason the highest level of martial arts is not achieved without the proper mind, body and spirit.


Many individuals often have a false view of self. Many individuals convince themselves that they have a certain level of skill. This self-propagating untruth will cause improper mental development. There is no shortcut to achieve the highest level of martial arts. There is no compromise we can make with nature. All the mental, physical and spiritual aspects become a foundation in the traditional martial arts. True martial arts. These fundamental aspects are the first steps to be completed on the path to the highest level.


A healthy mind, healthy body, good life practices, expanding our energy and good intentions contribute to high skill. Along with reaching a high level, we must continue to develop. We must be unwavering in maintaining this high level skill. Personal development is a lifelong practice.


Always be mindful of self-justification. Always be careful not to falsify true self. Always look for the positive side of all things and be persistent in this effort. There is not shortcut to becoming true martial artist, proper living is essential. Live a sincere and serious life, be a “good life practitioner”.


Grandmaster Edward K.S. Song