These studies were completed in addition to formal student educational requirements. It is with great dedication and great honor that Grandmaster Song dedicated his life to the development and study of his family's educational system. Grandmaster Song completed his formal eastern medical training in Korea and graduated with a Doctor's Degree in Eastern Medicine. Grandmaster Song was now a Doctor of Eastern Medicine (OMD) and Master of the Song's family traditional martial art system.


Before coming to the United States, Grandmaster Song served and completed his Korean military duty. Grandmaster Song trained both the Korean and American Special Forces stationed in Korea and moved from Korea to the United States in 1981. His first residence in the United States was in Washington, D.C. As the leader of Song family martial arts system Chun Seung in the United States, Grandmaster Song started to teach the "right way" of martial arts to the public. The teaching of the Song family's martial arts traditions to the general public was a very significant decision by Grandmaster Song. Prior to this time these traditions were passed strictly to family members and disciples. The translation of "Chun Seung" to English was another significant decision. A rough English translation is "Heritage Continues". Chun Seung describes the continued preservation of traditional martial arts by the Song family. This official organizational name was established by Song family member Grandmaster Song, Duk Soon in 1851. Grandmaster Song's goal was to create am English translation that would capture the traditions of the Song family in the United States. The translated English name "Oriental Heritage Total Concepts" or "OHTC" was created. Due to the sensitive connotation that "Oriental" carries, the name was later changed to "Optimal Health Total Concepts".


Grandmaster Song opened several schools throughout the United States under the name OHTC Martial Arts. These locations included schools in LaSalle, Indiana, Peru, Illinois, Waco, Texas and cities in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area such as Carrollton, Dallas, Highland Park, Plano and Carrollton, Texas. In addition to martial arts, the popularity and practice of acupuncture and herbal medicine in the United States started to gain momentum. States began to issue practitioners a license to legally practice acupuncture. One such state was Texas. In addition to OHTC Martial Arts, Grandmaster Song started the OHTC Healthcare System as a resource for individuals seeking the benefits of Eastern Medicine. Grandmaster Song is known as Dr. Song by his patients and distinguished colleagues. The Song family traditions and philosophies were a solid foundation for the continued development of Dr. Song's academic and professional career. Dr. Song also achieved Doctorate Degrees in Physical Education, Traditional Medicine and Philosophy in Traditional Medicine. Dr. Song has formally practiced acupuncture and herbal medicine since 1974, first in Korea and since moving to the United States in 1981.


Grandmaster Song, Keum Sool transferred the Chun Seung traditions to his son Grandmaster Song, Jung Soo in 1967. Grandmaster Song, Jung Soo transferred the Chun Seun traditions to his son Grandmaster Song, Kyong Sik, also known as Dr. Edward K.S. Song, in 1983 as acting Chairman. After the unfortunate passing of Grandmaster Song , Jung Soo in 1996, Grandmaster Song, Edward (K.S.) became the acting President of Chun Seung. In order to properly preserve traditions and the honor of the Song family, the original name of Chun Seung given by Grandmaster Song, Duk Soon was restored to represent the Song family traditions in the United States. Chun Seung is intended to be a resource for those who seek a sincere and serious life. Grandmaster Song, also known as Dr. Song, is the embodiment of these teachings and traditions that Chun Seung represents. Chun Seung continues to develop, preserve and promote the benefits of Nature as an essential resource for total life development.


Grandmaster Song continues to preserve and promote the "right way" of martial arts, as well as a positive promotion of health throughout the world. The teachings of Grandmaster Song encompass a life long dedication to traditional martial arts and over forty years of experience in clinical eastern medicine. In addition to his life experiences, a several hundred year legacy of traditions are preserved and passed down as there were passed down from generation to generation in the Song Family's treasured history. Grandmaster Song actively promotes the benefits of traditional martial arts training by passing on his life teachings. These teachings are promoted to the general public as well as his dedicated students. Maintaining health should be a major goal for all individuals and martial artist who pursue a sincere and serious approach to the proper way of life.

Founder and President of the Chun Seung - OHTC Acupuncture Clinic

President of the OHTC Health Care System

President of the Chun Seung (OHTC) Martial Arts Association

President of the OHTC Acupuncture and Herbal Research Foundation

Former Professor of Physical Education at University of Sciences

Former President of the Korean-American Acupuncture Association of Texas (KAAT) as 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 9th President

Founder of the Federation of Korean-American Eastern Medicine Associations

Texas State Board of Medical Examiners. License AC00007

State of Illinois, Department of Professional Regulation. License 198-000260

Acupuncturist Association of Texas

American Society of Acupuncturists

Korean-American Acupuncture Association of Texas

Federation of Korean-American Eastern Medicine Associations in the USA

The American Association of Oriental Medicine

Vital Spot

Alternative Weaponry

Martial Arts Education

Expert's Guide

Fundamentals of Martial Arts

Instructor's Guide of Success in the Martial Arts  

Master's Guide of Success in the Martial Arts

Encyclopedia of Traditional Martial Arts

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Encyclopedia of Eastern Medicine

Modern Eastern Medicine

Fundamentals of Eastern Medicine

Healthy Life

Korean Tea

Hygiene and Phlebotomy

Hygiene in the Martial Arts

Martial Arts Rescue Methods

The Eastern Way Of Health

Preservation of Health

The Natural Healing Art

Yeum Yang and Five Elements

The Ancient Art of Tea

The Ancient Art of Ki (Meditation and Breathing)

Ki to Life

Ethics in the Martial Arts

Art of Traditional Baduk

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Modern Eastern Medicine and Health Science

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Healthy Life (Updated)

Martial Arts Education (Updated)

The current leader of Chun Seung is Doctor of Eastern Medicine and Grandmaster Song, Kyong Sik. Grandmaster Song's American name is Edward Song. The Gwanak and Jiri mountains of South Korea provided the ideal environment for the teaching and development of the Song family traditions. In the mountains of Korea and under the tutelage of his grandfather, Grandmaster Song, Keum Sool , Grandmaster Song gathered traditional herbs by hand and began to understand the applications of Nature at a very young age. Eastern medicine, martial arts and philosophy developed into an integral part of the training that is passed on and preserved today.


Grandmaster Song began his martial arts training at the age of five under the tutelage of his father Grandmaster Song, Jung Soo and his grandfather Grandmaster Song, Keum Sool. The majority of Grandmaster Song's skills were acquired directly from his grandfather. Due to the reputation of the Song family's martial arts and eastern medical traditions, Grandmaster Song was afforded the opportunity to study with other great masters throughout Asia. The Song family education was focused on traditional martial arts, traditional eastern medicine, traditional tea, baduk, calligraphy and philosophy.